What is Plant to Order?

This is the process we use to full-fill your Autoship Subscription Plan orders. When you place your order, we will plant the seeds for all items on your order. When they reach their maturity, they are harvested and delivered to you within 24 hours. This allows you the ability to order any lettuce, herbs, greens, or microgreens in our store at any time. You no longer have to wait for an item to become available. It will typically take 7 to 10 days to grow microgreens and 5-6 weeks for lettuce, herbs, and greens depending on the season. Winter months typically take longer. We will be planting on Saturday so your initial order must be received no later than 6pm on Friday.   

What is an Autoship Subscription Plan? 

Subscription orders allow you to place an order for any item in our store at any quantity and delivered weekly, or monthly. Your order will automatically be delivered to you at the frequency you select and billed to your account on the 1st day of each month. You can change or cancel your order at any time. With "Plant to Order" and the Autoship Subscription Plan, you only have to wait for the first order to grow the 5 to 6 weeks. Your first order will be delivered 5-6 weeks later. Future orders will be delivered at the frequency you selected.    

What is the best way to contact Mt. Pleasant Growers? 

We can normally take calls Monday - Friday from 4pm to 9pm or anytime on Saturday.  If you reach our voice mail, please leave a message and your call will be returned on the same or next day. You can also reach us is by texting (434) 941-1150 or emailing us at [email protected] 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How much does it cost? 

Other than the product cost, there is a delivery cost. Mt. Pleasant Growers (MPG) provides delivery to local zip codes and the cost depend on your location. You can find out you MPG Shipping Charge at check out by entering your zip code. We do offer free delivery on certain zip codes.    

What's in each Subscription Order? 

It's totally up to you! You pick and choose exactly which items you want as well as the frequency of delivery. We take care of the rest!   

What products do you deliver? 

We have a hydroponic farm in Amherst, Virginia, delivering our freshly harvested, lettuces, herbs, greens, and microgreens to our customers.  Over the next year, we will be adding additional items to our store, so be on the lookout for those items!   

To which areas do you deliver? 

 Currently, we deliver anywhere in Amherst County, Nelson County and the City of Lynchburg. If you are unsure if we delivery to your area, please give us a call, send us an email, or check your zip code at check-out. Checking your zip code at check will provide you the cost for your delivery.   

 What if I'm not in your delivery area? 

 If you're not in our delivery area, we might be able to deliver to the home of a friend/family member. If neither of these are options, don't fret! Our delivery areas are expanding frequently so it's likely we may be delivering to your area soon! To be added to our waiting list, please give us a call. We will contact you as soon as we open your area for delivery. We can provide next day UPS ground shipping anywhere in the state of Virginia. Please check out these rates during check out.   

When do I get my first delivery? 

Your first delivery is typically within 24 hours after the first harvest date. 

What time will my delivery arrive? 

Typically orders will be delivered on Saturday, but this may vary depending on the growth rate of your order. You will be notified by email or text on the day of harvest to let you know when your order will be delivered.

Where are your products sourced? 

We grow and harvest lettuces, herbs, greens, and microgreens in our hydroponic greenhouse in Amherst, Virginia. In the next year, we will be adding new products and other items provided by other partner. We will always source locally first, but this may not be always possible. The ultimate goal will be to bring the best, wholesome foods we can find - along with an outstanding service experience. It is this goal that drives all of our sourcing decisions.   

What if I want to change an item on my order? 

You can change an item on your order as often as you like. But with the Plant to Order process every time you change an item you will have to wait for the initial 5 to 6 weeks grow time and after that time you order will be delivered at the frequency you requested.  Because microgreens have a grow time of 7 to 10 days a change in an item will not impact your order. Order changes must be made the week before we plant on Saturday, preferable before noon on Wednesday. You can manage your orders directly through our website by logging in with your username and password given at sign up.  

What if I'm not going to be home to receive my delivery? 

It's not necessary to be home to receive your delivery as we make your delivery right to your front door in a cooler you provide. We recommend leaving your box in the shade to help protect your delivery during hot weather months. Please place your own ice packs, or frozen water bottles inside your cooler, particularly during the summertime heat.   If you need to skip a delivery week due to an emergency or vacation? Just email or text us that you want to skip a delivery. We will stop the delivery for that week, and you will not be billed.     

What happens on hot summer days? 

Coolers are heavily insulated and will protect the produce.  But in the summer months, we recommend leaving your box in the shade to help protect your delivery. Also, during the summer heat, please remember to place ice packs, or frozen water bottles in your cooler.   

What if I refer your service to someone else? 

Current customers can refer someone to Mt. Pleasant Growers and both parties would receive a $10 store credit to be used in our online store for any product. See the "Customer Referral" page for details on how to apply.

What are microgreens? 

Microgreens are basically baby plants. Typically, they are grown very densely in approximately 7 to 10 days until they have developed their cotyledon or “seed” leaves and possibly a set of true leaves. They are different from sprouts which are merely soaked and allowed to germinate and grow only for a few short days and are not allowed to develop any green leaf. Sprouts are typically eaten with the seed and root attached, whereas microgreens are harvested by cutting the stem and leaves off above the roots and seeds.   

How should I care for my recently harvest products? 

Keep your product in the bag provide at delivery until you are ready to eat. When you are ready to serve, wash and remove as much moisture as possible for maximum shelf life. Store the remaining product in a zip lock bag in your refrigerator for future use.    

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