How we provide a healthy fresh alternative?


We have a water filtration and sanitation system in place that monitors and cleans our irrigation water 24/7, ensuring the water we use is free of harmful bacteria.


We guarantee freshness for 14 days after the harvest date. If during that time your order doesn't meet your expectation, please contact us and we will replace it for free.

Nutritional Value and Food Miles

With store-bought lettuce, a depletion of nutrients occurs from the time the lettuce is harvested to the time it reaches our plate. Did you know that the nutritional value found in a plant actually starts to deteriorate within the first day or two of harvesting. University of California studies show that vegetables can lose 15 to 55 percent of vitamin C, for instance, within a week. Food miles are the distance food travels from where it is grown to where it is ultimately purchased or consumed by the user. According to the California Ag Network data, California represented 75% of the total U.S. acreage. When delivery trucks travel from California, they make pit-stops at processing centers and go to distribution centers before traveling to our local grocery store. Lettuce harvested in California must travel a minimum of 2,800 miles to Central, Virginia and is at least 5-6 days old by the time it reaches our grocery store. It is estimated that it takes an average of 10 days to go from farm to our plate! 


Everything we sell is harvested and delivered to your door in 24 hours. So our microgreens, lettuce, herbs, and greens are delivered at there peak nutrient levels.


We grow in an enviromentally controlled greenhouse that has the advantage of not having to use pesticides or herbicides. 


There is only one set of hands that handles your order from the time it is harvested to the time it is delivered to your door.

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