With our "Plant to Order" process (see below) along with our "Autoship Subscription Plan" you have the most flexible way to get any of our lettuce, greens, herbs, and microgreens anytime, in any quanity and on an automatic recurring frequency that you select. With this plan you can place your order for any lettuce, greens, herbs, or microgreens in our store. We want to be your community garden, where your deterimine what we grow for you.



You will select how frequently you would like to have your order delivered. You can maintain the same frequency as long as you wish. We offer 7, 14, 21, or 28 day recurring deliveries. You can change your order or cancel the subscription at any time. We ask that you please make changes by email before noon on Wednesday. We offer free or low cost delivery to local zip codes. Email us at [email protected] that you would like to start a Autoship Subscription Plan along with the items and quanity you want to be on your plan. Please include the frequency of your recurring deliveries.



When your order is ready to harvest, you will be notified in order to schedule delivery or pick-up. Typically, we would deliver on Saturday. We also offer free curbside pickup on all orders at our location in Amherst, Virginia. After the initial grow time you will then start recieving your order at the frequency you selected. Your bill will remain the same until you make a change to your order or you choose to cancel your subscription. We will invoice you and you will be able to pay with a check, cash, or credit card. We will make those arrangements after your first delivery.

We Plant to Order for Autoship Subscription Plans. So you're probably thinking what does Plant to Order mean?

Step 1 - You Order

Make your order BY NOON ON WEDNESDAY so that we can plant your order on Saturday. You are able to order anything in our online store in any amount. We also welcome suggestions on items we can grow for you. So email us a request!

Step 2 - We Plant Your Order

On Saturday we get the growing process started by placing your germinated seeds in our nursey in the greenhouse.

Step 3 - We Watch Your Order Grow!

As you know, all plants take time to grow... so we have to wait for the deliciousness to grow. You will be waiting about 7 to 10 days for microgreens and around 6 weeks depending on the season for lettuce, herbs and greens.

Step 4 - We Harvest Your Order for Delivery

We harvest your order at it's ideal size. On all orders we will deliver your order in less than 24 hours of the harvest date. In most cases if we harvest on Saturday your order will be harvested and delivered the same day. After the initial grow time you will then recieve your order at the frequency you selected.

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